Beating Superbowl Sunday

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My current 30-Day Challenge takes place over Super Bowl Sunday. I’m sure the organizers thought this would be funny *wink* *wink *nudge* *nudge* if you know what I mean.

So you’re probably thinking about how today only happens once a year, which totally makes it okay to cheat, right? I have some news for you.

There will always be a Birthday Party, or a Baby Shower, or an Easter, or some Out Of Town Friends Who Are Visiting, or a Chinese New Year (Dim sum is my Kryptonite), or a Super Bowl Sunday, or a Valentine’s Day, or some equally Important Event Where People Celebrate By Eating Food Together™.

Believe it or not, I love these days because I get to test out different ideas for staying on track. Here are a few tactics I use in situations like a Super Bowl party.

  1. Eat before heading out to the party. By filling up on food, I’m making myself less likely to gorge when temptation strikes. In this case, temptation is a being surrounded by friends drinking beer and eating cheesy buffalo chicken dip.
  2. Make or bring a dish. I keep a recipe for guacamole deviled eggs ready for such events. Alternatively, I’ve also brought fruit or salad trays if I’m in a rush. The idea is to keep options open. I don’t ever want to decide between eating potato chips, driving to the nearest grocery store for a fruit bowl, or exerting willpower over my hunger. Convenience always win. Second place is my stomach.
  3. Keep a can of nuts in the car.  In the event that the guacamole deviled eggs are a smashing hit, it’s critical to have something as backup. Nuts are a quick and easy backup, but any snack will do: raisins, grapes, cherry tomatoes, fudge balls, etc. Just have backups stashed nearby.

Did you notice that in each of these tactics I either raise or lower specific barriers? I’m finding ways to increase or decrease certain habits. For example, in the first tactic, I make it harder to eat bad food (by filling up) and in the second and third tactics, I make it easy to eat good foods (by having it conveniently available). This is one of the strategies I’m using to stay on track and crush the competition.

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