My First 30 Day Challenge

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Saturday, March 5th, 2011. Almost a year ago.

That’s the day we started Paleo. And we lived happily after and that’s the end of the story.

Okay, not really. Making the switch wasn’t as easy or as quick as it sounds. In fact, even though pulling the trigger happened literally overnight, there was a lot momentum building up to that point.

In the weeks leading up to March 5th, there were a couple of things happening in my life.

  1. I was putting on weight again. A few months earlier, I lost weight for our wedding–like everyone, who gets married thinks about doing, ever. What I didn’t know then was how terrible I was at losing weight. I mean, my entire strategy revolved around eating less food and doing more cardio. So, less rice and more running. That’s called a recipe for miserable. And, as it tuns out, it was quite ineffective in the long run.
  2. My Crossfit gym was organizing a nutrition education session. A few members were also curious about healthy eating and so the owners put on a short 90-minute session.  I had been doing Crossfit for just under a year and even though I was getting stronger, my body didn’t look any better. Both my wife and I attended.
  3. Finally, I had grown tired. Tired of ridiculing my friends for their latest ‘caveman’ diet fad even though I could clearly see the results. I know, I know, at first they ignore you…

I left Saturday’s nutrition session feeling empowered. I got to see the big picture behind Paleo. Some of it seemed like common sense why do I keep eating oatmeal? and holy crap that High Fructose Corn Syrup really is all over the place. I had a curated Recipe Book that I used as a starting point. I had the support of everyone at the gym. But more importantly, I had the support of my wife, who was just crazy enough to suggest that we give Paleo a shot. We jumped right into our first 30-day challenge.

Later that weekend, we cleared out our pantry…

All The Shit I Used To Eat

Don't worry, that bacon was really awful.

and replaced it entirely with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food I Eat Now


Which brings me to my first tip:

TIP #1: PREPARE YOUR MEALS AHEAD OF TIME. Your chances of success dramatically increase if your ability to cheat is lowered or eliminated. This convenience ‘hack’ can make the difference between waffles or banana nut pancakes for breakfast.

I’ll talk about how to prepare for the first few days of the 30-day challenge in a later post. In the meantime, if you’re curious about how it worked out for me.

Fatty Chung, six months and 25 lbs later.